*  All Pet Sitting Services include:

  • Pets are fed, as per your instructions

  • Fresh water, always

  • Playtime 

  • litter box maintinance for cats

  • change of potty pads or doggy diapers, when needed

  • Given oral medications (if needed)

  • Daily updates

  • House lights turned on/off as resquested​

  • Bringing in the mail

  • Plant watering 

  • Alarm service turned on and off

  • Taking in or putting out trash receptacles or any other requested services of this nature while you are away.

  • We offer complimentary email/text/photo communication with you every day you are away.

Your pet's best friend while you're away


Why use a Pet Sitter?

*​​​​​ Overnight Pet Sitting    $70/night

In-home pet sitting between 7:30 pm till 7:00 am the next morning (times may vary slightly depending on special circumstances).

Note: This charge includes a 30 to 45 minute visit for a mid-day walk or let out . Added visits can be made if requested.

Tampa Metro Pets 

Pet Sitting - Dog Walking - Cat Care - Full Services for all Pets

To set up your complimentary "get to know us" visit or to get a price quote please call Karen White at 813-767-5986 or email us at tmetropets@gmail.com

  • Pets are happier in their own homes, where they’re familiar with their surroundings and can maintain their regular routine.

  • Pets are healthier staying at home, where they aren’t exposed to possible illnesses and parasites from other pets.

  • Your pets receive the one-on-one attention they deserve and tons of TLC and when they build a relationship with the same sitter on an ongoing basis, stress is greatly relieved!

  • Your home is safer while you’re away and also better cared for (plant-watering, newspaper/mail gathering, etc.).

  • You no longer have to inconvenience your family, friends and neighbors to help out.

  • There is less stress for yourself knowing that your pets and home are being well cared for, when you are away.


  • Your pets are already home to greet you when you arrive back home!


* Single Daily Cat or Pet Visits $20

        Minimum purchase - single daily visit​​

  • A thirty to forty minute visit    

  • This is recommended cats, fish, birds, chickens, rabbits, etc.

  • ​Single daily visits are not available for dogs

* Multiple daily visits $18 per visit

          Three visits are advised for dogs

  • Thirty to forty minute visits:  Pets walked, fed and pampered per your requirements